Bamboo – we’ve got you covered!

As a company, Natural Origins is concerned for the environment.  We try to source products that are sustainable, organic, eco-friendly & manufactured responsibly.  Sometimes it’s hard to find fabrics that tick all the boxes but we endeavour to stock products that most meet our requirements.  You as a customer, of course, have the final choice in what is most important to you.

Natural Origins imports bamboo products made with fibre sourced from the Hebei Jigao Chemical Fibre Company based in China.

Almost all the bamboo used to make bamboo fibre is grown in China by Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Company, which holds several patents on the process for turning bamboo into a fibre.

The bamboo is certified organic by OCIA (The Organic Crop Improvement Association).

To strictly control the quality of the raw material, the company has built their own bamboo plantation in Sichuan Province, China, and keep strict control over it.

The bamboo is grown in accordance with the international organic standard of OCIA/IFOAM and the USDA National Organic Program, so as to ensure each bamboo stalk is of 100% natural growth and without any chemical pesticides.

The proof of the ecologically sound methods behind the bamboo production is the fact that all the fibre produced at the facility is Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

This certifies that the finished fibre has been tested for any chemicals that may be harmful to a person’s health and has been found to contain no trace chemicals that pose any health threat whatsoever. This means that every company working with their bamboo starts with the same raw material and that this material is free from any contaminants.

In July 2016 I was lucky enough to visit China to meet with my supplier and visit the factory where the bamboo fibre is woven into fabric.  The company is small and their passion for textiles very evident, easily noticed when talking textiles.  The visit was very interesting and took me back to my time working in the textile industry.  I was keen to ensure that workers had good working conditions and was not disappointed.  Working standards were impressive along with health & safety & quality control systems.  The workers were friendly and more than willing to show us what they were doing – we enjoyed meeting them and managed to communicate in spite of the language barrier.

We’re pleased we can do business with such a friendly open company to bring you high-quality products.